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✅Stock Market Today (SMT) is the brand of Angel Research Academy, led & owned by a SEBI Registered Research Analyst - VLA Ambala and team) ✅All recommendations will be provided by Regd. RA only. ✅This channel is only for Equity Trades. ✅Capital required - Minimum Rs. 20k and up to no limit. ✅90% recommendations will be for positional. ✅25-60 recommendations will be given in month. 🗞️Disclaimer - Trading and investments are subject to market risks so, always keep your personal risk bearing capacity, your top priority. Over risk leads to low probability of sustaining in trading business. We (I), as an analyst, do own our rights to be 100% wrong and our recommendation cannot guarantee anything about profits or loss. It's the business of probability, risk management and good trading psychology. You are advised to take care of all this. Don't have over expectations. Do follow instructions, guidelines which will be provided in the Channel. We have no refund policy.

✅ 1-2 F&O Trades Recommendations will be shared in Channel.
Regular updates (support and guidelines will be provided until the trade is active. So that you can learn how to manage the Trade.
While Trades are active Regular Support, Booking and Trailing Updates will be Provided in Channel. This will help you to Learn " How to Manage the Trades" and Emotions while you are in trade.
This channel you will get Index Options and Swing Trading Equity Recommendations. Trades. All recommendations will be provided by Regd. RA only

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V.L.A. Ambala (SEBI Registered Research Analyst) is most reliable person in stock market for trading in F&O and Equity segment. She is well known for her high potential recommendations analysis and research. Her Recommendation are regularly are bein

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