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Momentum Thrust is a proprietary Swing Trading service curated to harness and profit from the Momentum in a stock in a span of less than 15 days. Our Thesis: A Stock in a paused momentum can provide LOW RISK and HIGH PROBABILITY entries giving a good Thrust in the upmcoming days. Key Inclusions: > 2-4 Stock Recommendations Per Week > Holding Period: 2-15 Days > Minimum Capital: ₹50,000 >Real Time Exits >Maximum 4 open positions at any point of time >Monthly Performance Reports

Real-Time Updates: Stay Ahead with timely information
High Probability Trading Setups: Maximize your gains with high probability trades
Expert Analysis: Benefit from seasoned market insights
Risk Management: Protect profits with prudent strategies

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Meet Raghav Wadhwa



Raghav Wadhwa is a Chartered Accountant and a SEBI Registered Research Analyst

Raghav Wadhwa is a Chartered Accountant and a SEBI Registered Research Analyst. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the finance industry, he has honed his skills and expertise to become a trusted professional in the field. His primary focus

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