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Elevate your trading experience as you navigate the fast-paced world of intraday trades. We stand by precision, timeliness, and strategic insight, ensuring every move you make resonates with confidence. Service Features: 1. Daily Trade Recommendations: Receive 1-2 expert-curated intraday trade suggestions daily, crafted to optimize returns. 2. Live Market Guidance: Benefit from our expert advice, delivered in real-time during market hours, reflecting the current market price. 3. Defined Strategy: Each of our trade recommendations is equipped with a clear stop loss and target, ensuring clarity and strategy in every decision. 4. Instant Communication: Stay updated on-the-go, as our advice is promptly delivered to you via our dedicated Telegram channel. 5. Strategic Risk Management: Shield your investments with our structured risk management techniques, ensuring a balance between reward and protection. 6. Seasoned Market Analysis: Leverage insight

Risk management: protect investment with prudent strategies.
Expert analysis:Benefit from seasoned market insights.
Real time updates: stay ahead with timely information.
Trackable results: Monitor performance for informed decisions.

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Gopal Lohar holds the prestigious degree of MBA in finance and marketing.Gopal lohar is a Technical Trader and a Trading Mentor.He also holds technical certificates like , Equity Derivatives, Research Analyst. He is expert in Neo Waves analysis, Tech

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